Wednesday, 28 September 2011


I love this album.. its gotten so many bad reveiws from people.. but its actually fucking awesome! go buy it, go love it!


  1. =D I love this song, I am really liking Wishing Well!
    Have you heard AVA's new song Anxiety? I <3 it!!

  2. Anxiety is such a rad song! It's on iTunes so I think I may just buy it :) even though I just spend £8 on the new new found glory album aha wishing well is such a tune! So many people hate the new album because 'it's not blink' but man, it's so good I love ava so I like the new blink stuff still doesn't beat enema though aha :)
    it's nice to find someone with good taste in music!!! X

  3. Damnit I disnt even know nfg had a new
    Album out! I used to love them! I saw them live once =D
    I agree... As well ppl need to give it a few good listens before they totally judge it. It's not my fav album but it is good.. Plus blink
    Has grown up slightly since enema lol so what can we expect!
    I just bought anxiety it's really good! I LOVE rite of spring too! And I agree! I only have a couple of friends who like Blink almost as much as me!

  4. I saw new found once too.. The other two in my band hung out withthem on their tour bus! Major jealous aha
    think I'm actually going to buy anxiety now, the video is epic!! Don't know if you've seen it..? I still listen to box car all the time! Wish I could have seen them!

  5. i LOVE LOVE LOVE Box Car!!! I effing wish they had another album, they really need to make one I think even though that is just a wish! I never saw them either =(
    Yes I have seen the Anxiety video =D
    That is pretty rad they got to hang out with them!! I have only got the chance to "hang" out with Gob lol a LONg time ago!