Monday, 3 October 2011

I found my iPod! Goodbye cd's

I'm so so happy!! I found my iPod!! I lost it on our tour in July in Birmingham, so since then I've been burning cd's to play in my car.. That's nearly three months! I found it in my cymbal bag today! So that has made my day!! XD
i've just come back from skateboarding one of my local parks.. Was super fun :D now I'm really sweaty and in need of a shower aha
My band play a one off show in yeovil tomorrow with kids can't fly.. Should be fun, I will be seeing someone who I haven't seen for ages.. She was a close friend and then she sorta moved on, but I still try and talk to her :) so I'll let you know how it goes.. I'm going to take a shower <3


  1. OMG I couldn't imagine not having my ipod!!! I have my nano as backup if I misplace my touch.
    I am in need of a good skate!!=)
    i'm glad you found it, have fun at your next you have music on Youtube up?

  2. Hey buddy..
    and trust me.. Not having an iPod was hell! I cried myself to sleep most nights :( but yeh if you haven't already and you use facebook please go add us if you want to :)) xx

  3. Comment overload from me haha.
    I am probably one of the three people on the planet without f.b! But I will go check out the Yt!=)

  4. Um get with the times :) and thank you for checking us out :)) x

  5. Lol shut it! I used to have it but it's Wayy too many high school ppl who didn't like me and wanna be my "friends" lol too annoying for me no thanks!
    I only got to listen to the one song and I love it! Sounded really good :)
    Twitter is the way to go you have it?

  6. Um yeh I had it for my old band.. Never use it though, just not that cool unfortuneatly :/ I think I have like one post saying hi Twitter and that's it I think aha well if you ever get facebook in the future I would like to be your friend :)