Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sjc custom drums want to endorse me :)

So I probs shouldn't blog when I've drunk but whatever.. I invented the raddest meal ever I call it Chi-tailian! It's Chinese with pizza! No stealing! It's amazing!!
Umm today I worked and after met up with some friends and drunk a few, so life is saweeetttt! I also got emailed from sjc custom drums! And they want to work with me!! I've always wanted an sjc custom kit! So that's super cool! The freshman 15 was announced last night! So i've been getting friend request from American people on facebook aha looking forward to touring with though guys in April!! That's pretty much it! I'm going to sober up now :) woooooo xox


  1. wow. so excited for you! congrats!! =]


  2. Thank you buddy :)
    if you use facebook please go check out my band the bottom line.. :) that would be super super cool :D
    where are you from? :)