Friday, 7 October 2011

Portsmouth show

So my band played with kids can't fly last night at Portsmouth wedge. It was a really fun small but intimate show. The guys from my favourite runner up were sick, real nice guys, I hope we can play with them again soon..
Today has been a chill out day.. I've been playing guitar and writing songs and listening to new found glory.. I was hoping to go skate, but this English weather sucks bums! Hopefully tomorrow :) wishful thinking!
In the mean time I am addicted to this


  1. Luv this song!! I FINALLY got the album and I am liking it!
    AND Twitter is so much cooler than f.b, if you ever get that good you should get it ;)
    Tom,Travis and Mark are on there!! Mark tweets a Lot so its cool.

  2. My fav song on the album :) it like sticks and stones album but a tad more cheesey aha but yeh a good album ANNDD because facebook is better than anything else it shows everyone tweets as well soo umm matt 1- 0 taygan! ;)

  3. I think so too... I would have to say Forget my Name is my fav and i LOVE boy crazy! I would listen to that and skate all the time when I was younger!!
    ok I forgot that f.b and twitter has that.. I do see some f.b stuff on there. BUT I THINK that I probably have at least 3 or 4 points because I have Travis's autograph =D so I think its Taygan 3-1 Matt!

  4. I love love old new found! Your so so right! Best music to skate too :) and alright!! You win this round! But don't get used to it! This is just to give you a little confidence and hope! Aha <3