Thursday, 20 October 2011

Update of ma lifeee

I haven't posted for a while so I think I would as I have a couple hours before I go out.. I fell off my skateboard and I now have a black eye and nose :( I was goin to upload a picture. I may do it later but it looks gnarly! I tell
people that my parents beat me, probs not right but I get sympathy haa xD I need more sympathy though :((( my face is black and blue! Wahhh!
Appart from that though life is pretty cool right now.. Booked a load of tours around Christmas time :) can't wait to get back on the road! We've literally just been writing songs non stop, and we hit th studio in February to record a 12 track album!


  1. yay that's awesome!!! not the skateboard injury the album =D
    haha how many times have you been told to not skate and drink!? ;) I mean I know we always skate better when we are drunk but I think the injury's are worse! Get damn twitter and tweet your broken face ;)

  2. I actually went on Twitter yesterday! I have like two tweets and some how 14 followers! That's fameee! Ahah no I think I might use it now tho.. My profile pic is me like 3 years ago with short hair aha going to chang that! Um I think my name is himynameismatt_ but um yeh the skateboard drunk think is bad for me I skated home after the pub and skated into a bush :/ not cool aha
    hope your well buddy x