Wednesday, 2 November 2011

For Tom Delonge fans :)

LOVE Part 2 came out yesterday.
I've only briefly listened to it. Its alright. what do you AVA/Blink fans think of it?

 I also really really want this song by box car! I WISHHH they stayed together for another album!
This sounds like Ghosts on the Dancefloor by blink! maybe it was influenced on that? hmmm who knows?

I hope everyone had a happy halloween :) i was stuck at work! sympathy would be great :D


  1. Bahah sympathy hmm I will think about it ;)
    I LIVE TOM and would marry him in a damn
    Second!!!! When I was at their last show and I was bugging Travis nephew he and I were telling ppl I was toms wife hahaha.
    I WISH SOO MUCH there was another box car album omg!!! It is my all time
    Fav cd ever I think, it's amazing. =D
    I haven't listened to it yet but I'm gonna try too tonight!!
    HeyI tweeted you and no reply wtf?;) do you use instagram btw?

  2. Tom is actually my cousin :/ and you tweeted me? :O I'm sorry I didn't reply aha and insta-whaa? Aha noooo I don't use this, should I be? Also I left you a comment on a post :) x

  3. I do not believe you at all! If he is your cousin then why not make him make his wife(ME) another Box Car album? lol.
    come on twitter is soo much cooler then fb! its like texting, its awesome!!!!!!
    Its an app so if you don't have iphone then it's no good to you but its really cool!
    And yes thank you for the comment I really liked it! Long comments are more fun! I will reply to it tomorrow =D