Wednesday, 9 November 2011

So i've been a little busy recently. My band have been in the studio for the last week track laying for our outdated E.P which will be available when you pre-order our album which we are recording in February.

Our dates for our december christmas tour "Under The Mistle-Tour" will be announced at 7 tonight, i know what a lame name for a tour aha! i will post dates when it happens. And if we stop by your town.. Come say hi xD

In other drumming/band news I may also
be working with AD Custom drums
in the future where they will build me a kit
in white and red...
with Birch shells. The sizes
will be:


ALSOOO my Hurley tee came the other day xD all the way from southern california!!!

And i said that i would post a picture of my 360 flip on my skateboard gone completely wrong!

This is why i should maybe wear a full faced helmet on my skateboard? because yes it may not look cool buttt my face would be less colour-ful the next day!

Sorry to everyone who didnt want to see my face and hear about my crappy band :D that is all

i hope you lovely people saw some rad fireworks last week :)


  1. Hey Matt!

    Things could've been worse... you could've broke your nose or dislocated your awesome lip ring! lol. My favorite drink at Starbucks so far is the peppermint mocha. Still gotta try them all first.


  2. Damn. The pressure. Haha. Get a small size just in case. lol


  3. Yikes that looks like it was painful!!
    Lol ok the tour name might be a tiny bit lame but it will be a wicked show I am sure!
    That would be pretty rad if you got to build that kit =D