Thursday, 6 September 2012

a little something :)

Hey guys! thought I would update you on my life as i haven't left anything on here for a while
I'm still trying to keep up with twitter and facebook! but yeah lots of stuff has happened recently! My band the bottom line have a new album that's out! check it out on itunes, the album is called ROLE MODELS?
please go check it out:

We tour in like 2 weeks, we play the UK and hit up Europe can't wait! day jobs suck massive bumholes! it will be cool to get back on the road! apart from i REALLY hate flying! its such a big fear of mine! i always have a nightmare where I'm flying the plane I'm on! i hope to god this will never happen! aha

Other than touring and having the new album out we have been playing bigger shows, we hit up the wedgewood rooms in portsmouth with Saves The Day, and Tellison! super fun show! have even cooler shows to come which I'm not aloud to talk about yet!:) if any of you guys want merch then umm check this

I actually love being part of a band! being able to do what i do, and to travel and meet new people is incredible! please support us;

hope all you guys are good! i don't get on here a lot so i wouldn't know! aha!

I've kinda freaked myself out recently... Ive been reading up on aliens! i believe they exist!

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