Monday, 14 January 2013


Ok soo hope who ever is reading this had a rad Christmas and new year! Deffiniatly drank too much over Christmas :D my girlfriend spent way too much on me! Deffiniatly got spoilt :) we had our own little Christmas on boxing day because I worked on Christmas day.. Was perfick :) she told me she is already planning stuff for my birthday in march! She said I would have taken you to Vegas but you don't like flying !!! Wah I hate my fear of flyinggg. But I hate surprises! She treats me too well bless her :)
My dad found out about my tattoo. He literally said nothing.. Which means, yes son I'm extremely disappointed in you! Aha! Thats the worst thing when a parent says that, or doesn't in the case
My band has really slowed down, which is a shame.. We are booking up for touring this year, lots planned! One day we will take over the world!
It's currently snowing today and I hate it! Snow looks pretty don't get me wrong but wahhh I hate how it's cold and all I wanna do is play in it but I know 20 minutes later I'm gunna be moaning about being cold :)
Anyway, didn't really have too much to say.. I'm a happy maffew with everything in my life so far :) which probably means something bad is gunna happen! Aha
Here's to 2013!!

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