Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The girl i kissed on the marina

I miss her

I miss the cuddles, I miss her smile, I miss her dumb jokes, I miss her smell, I miss her eyes, I miss her voice, I miss our personal jokes, I miss her warmth when I'm in bed on my own, I miss her company, I miss how she looks at me right after she kisses me, I miss her taste, I miss our weirdness when we are together....
I realise everytime I'm not with her how much I appreciate her being with me.. There is no one else I want next to me! I hate when we are apart, I get sad. And Im sometimes blunt or say the wrong thing when really all I want is her arms around me and to be able to look in her eyes and realise everything is perfect again! I want her to trust me! There is no one I want other than her. Being with other people makes me realise how special the person I have is to me! I'm so lucky to have her!

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