Thursday, 2 May 2013

The things I miss

I wish I were still in Germany with my girlfriend! I had literally the best time of my life with her over there! Nothing got in the way! The weather was lovely. we stayed in an apartment in Munich, it was pretty close to the main strip and just by the river! We went out to see my brother. His apartment was just a few miles away. It's really clean and friendly in germaland, I literally had the best time and wish I could go back there!
I just got back from tour! Which was incredible! Probably the best tour I've been on! The shows were way better and we actually made some money, and many new fans :) I loved it! As much as I want to be on the road I miss the people closest to me! I hate hate hate being away from my girlfriend! I hate putting her through me being away! It's not fair! As much fun as I had being on tour coming back and seeing her was amazing! Going to Germany after just made me realise how much I missed her! She is beautiful bless her :) I really really do appreciate having someone like her being around me! Even if people don't see it from the outside, I've learnt not to care what people thinkkkkkkk :) all that matters is we make each other happy!
This last month has been busy but I will always remember how much fun I've had!

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