Wednesday, 31 July 2013


We all feel low at times in our life, some people turn to suicide for the relief of the pain they are suffering. Some people can't cope with life, and they see more negatives than positives. Whatever pain you are going through, you can get through it. How ever you found this page I want to help.
Suicidal thoughts can be scary.! A massive weight on your shoulders that seems like you cant get rid of it! you're tired of trying and think suicide is the only way to get rid of it. You think, what's the point in living. you may feel guilty about something, or scared and alone. You may think you are unneeded, unloved and blame yourself for everything.. You may even hate your appearance, how you look. Your body, your face. You may feel you haven't lived up to everyones expectations and are letting people down. Everything gets on top of you. You wish you didn't exist anymore because then you wouldn't have to deal with it all. You feel like shit, and everything feels like its getting worse. You get more depressed at the smallest of things. You feel horrible talking about it, it makes you upset even thinking about talking to family or friends about your feelings so you keep it inside, and it just builds up.
So life seems pretty shit? It can't get better than how it is now?.. If you end your life now.. Then you wouldn't know what could happen? Maybe things can be looked at differently? It may seem hard at the time.. But start looking at the positive things in life. Your family and friends will always stick with you. If you think leaving them would make them feel better, it won't! The impact on friends and family is devastating and can last forever! Suicide is a very selfish thing to do. If you are religious it says in the bible that suicide sends you straight to hell. You have a future! You don't need to hurt yourself for people to notice you need them! Talk to the people closest to you! This will help your situation! A problem shared is a problem halved! Things will get better if you atleast try. Plan for the future, set your self challenges. Adventures! Be happy for the things you have how ever small. There are people who care about you! I care enough to write this for you! So however bad things are now, you can make a difference and change it! I hope I helped!

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