Friday, 22 November 2013

computer post

hey... so, my name is Matthew. I haven't blogged on a computer for AGGGESSS! so im just in my room, listening to music. I came on here to look at old posts. I feel this blog got very soppy and stuff ever since i've had a girlfriend! i've never been in love OKKAYY! wouldnt change anything! this is the place i come and speak aload of bullshit mainly to myself.. but it makes me feel better sometimes. i can look back and remember exactly how i felt on that day or whatever. Tonight im going to the cinema. im gunna be watching a film which i would never have chosen to see but Ess wants to see it, and i want to make her happy.. she does do so much for me! and i know her film choice is always so terrible, but i will give this one a chance! :D
i just checked my phone and i have the prettiest picture of her as my background!!! aww :) sooooooo...fvkjbnerkojv;neao;. i should probs go shower of something. i like typing though.
My band is writing another record! its going to be rad! we've demo'd a few songs already and i'm excited! i hope everyone who hears it, loves it!.... thats all i have to say right now... bye

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