Sunday, 4 December 2011

Hi mum

Hey guysss
I am still alive! Unfortunatly for you! :) I've been super busy with stuff recently. I'm now working with ad drums! And they have built my dream kit! So happy with it! I will post pics when I'm not on my iPod :)
also we had our photoshoot with a photographer who done shots for four year strong, yellowcard, new found glory, sum 41 and a day to remember! And now tbl :D we travelled to London so I've spent the day there. We are also getting our outdated ep mastered and sent back to us. So excited to hear that.
so I will also post them when I get them as well as the pictures :)

I am in need of an artist who can draw awesome cartoons.. So if you know anyone or are an artist yourself let me know :D

so that's just a little update for now.. It's 01:07 so I'm going to go sleep! Tomorrow my band are putting our instruments down and taking over a night club in Southampton as djs! That's going to go wrong aha
wish us luck :))))

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Come To A Show :))

So i've been a little busy recently. My band have been in the studio for the last week track laying for our outdated E.P which will be available when you pre-order our album which we are recording in February.

Our dates for our december christmas tour "Under The Mistle-Tour" will be announced at 7 tonight, i know what a lame name for a tour aha! i will post dates when it happens. And if we stop by your town.. Come say hi xD

In other drumming/band news I may also
be working with AD Custom drums
in the future where they will build me a kit
in white and red...
with Birch shells. The sizes
will be:


ALSOOO my Hurley tee came the other day xD all the way from southern california!!!

And i said that i would post a picture of my 360 flip on my skateboard gone completely wrong!

This is why i should maybe wear a full faced helmet on my skateboard? because yes it may not look cool buttt my face would be less colour-ful the next day!

Sorry to everyone who didnt want to see my face and hear about my crappy band :D that is all

i hope you lovely people saw some rad fireworks last week :)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

For Tom Delonge fans :)

LOVE Part 2 came out yesterday.
I've only briefly listened to it. Its alright. what do you AVA/Blink fans think of it?

 I also really really want this song by box car! I WISHHH they stayed together for another album!
This sounds like Ghosts on the Dancefloor by blink! maybe it was influenced on that? hmmm who knows?

I hope everyone had a happy halloween :) i was stuck at work! sympathy would be great :D

Thursday, 27 October 2011


... Im eating cold pizza!

It kinda bums me out a little. I travel alot with my band, we go literally all over the country.. its cool because we meet new people every night. Sometimes we stay in touch, and sometimes we never ever see that person again.
I'm single and maybe i get too attached to people too quickly, but its hard because you wish that some people lived closer to you. And if they did maybe something would happen between you? My luck with girls just sucksss aha it seems like guys in bands aren't allowed girlfriends.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Update of ma lifeee

I haven't posted for a while so I think I would as I have a couple hours before I go out.. I fell off my skateboard and I now have a black eye and nose :( I was goin to upload a picture. I may do it later but it looks gnarly! I tell
people that my parents beat me, probs not right but I get sympathy haa xD I need more sympathy though :((( my face is black and blue! Wahhh!
Appart from that though life is pretty cool right now.. Booked a load of tours around Christmas time :) can't wait to get back on the road! We've literally just been writing songs non stop, and we hit th studio in February to record a 12 track album!

Friday, 14 October 2011

Tour Pics

So as some of you know i'm in a band..
I just wanted to upload some of the images of our tour in september :)

That last one is Max, our extremely sexy bass player who all the girls love aha xD

Please go find us on facebook at this address you will be loved forever <3

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

WTF mcdonalds!!!!!!

So I'm out on my board with my friends when we decide to hit up mcdonalds. I'm about half way through my fries when I find a corn flake! Like WTF mcdonalds! What's with that? A cornflake! Might have been dead skin from somone who worked there but still!! I thought the breakfast menu finished at half 10! Not coool!
It tasted alright though :P whatever it was... Maybe I've eaten a human!
anyyyywayyysssss I didn't really have much to say but I feel like I have too now because my post about a corn flake isn't that interesting! I just had to tell someone!
Um hmm let me see...
I'm the only one in my band without a tattoo.. I want one but I just don't know what and wear :/
has anyone seen anything rad they like.. I'm in to skateboarding and punk rock and I like childrens tv and dressing up smart, and long walks on the beach ahah so yeah.. Any suggestions would be saweeeet xD
hope everyone is well :))

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sjc custom drums want to endorse me :)

So I probs shouldn't blog when I've drunk but whatever.. I invented the raddest meal ever I call it Chi-tailian! It's Chinese with pizza! No stealing! It's amazing!!
Umm today I worked and after met up with some friends and drunk a few, so life is saweeetttt! I also got emailed from sjc custom drums! And they want to work with me!! I've always wanted an sjc custom kit! So that's super cool! The freshman 15 was announced last night! So i've been getting friend request from American people on facebook aha looking forward to touring with though guys in April!! That's pretty much it! I'm going to sober up now :) woooooo xox

Friday, 7 October 2011

Portsmouth show

So my band played with kids can't fly last night at Portsmouth wedge. It was a really fun small but intimate show. The guys from my favourite runner up were sick, real nice guys, I hope we can play with them again soon..
Today has been a chill out day.. I've been playing guitar and writing songs and listening to new found glory.. I was hoping to go skate, but this English weather sucks bums! Hopefully tomorrow :) wishful thinking!
In the mean time I am addicted to this

Monday, 3 October 2011

I found my iPod! Goodbye cd's

I'm so so happy!! I found my iPod!! I lost it on our tour in July in Birmingham, so since then I've been burning cd's to play in my car.. That's nearly three months! I found it in my cymbal bag today! So that has made my day!! XD
i've just come back from skateboarding one of my local parks.. Was super fun :D now I'm really sweaty and in need of a shower aha
My band play a one off show in yeovil tomorrow with kids can't fly.. Should be fun, I will be seeing someone who I haven't seen for ages.. She was a close friend and then she sorta moved on, but I still try and talk to her :) so I'll let you know how it goes.. I'm going to take a shower <3

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


I love this album.. its gotten so many bad reveiws from people.. but its actually fucking awesome! go buy it, go love it!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Just an update on tour and stuff xD

I cant sleep! i have the new blink album playing in my head because its all ive been listening too! waaa!
my band the bottom line finished our september tour in london last night! this tour has been epic! we played shows all around the uk! met some really cool people! met some cool bands! its what i love about being in a band… travelling, making friends, playing punk rock, sleeping in vans! it suck major bum coming back to work and living a normal life when youve been playing shows the last 3 weeks, its weird! i love what i do :)
right i must sleep, i have work in a couple hours.. hope i dont over sleep!
Heyy :)
So a few of my friends blog, and i though it was a kinda cool way to get thoughts and things off my chest.. i spend alot of my time on tour travelling all over the uk and thought it would be rad to share what goes on in my life! im going to try and blog as much as i can although its like half 2 in the morning and blogging sounded like a rad idea at the time aha.. we will see how it goes!