Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Come To A Show :))

So i've been a little busy recently. My band have been in the studio for the last week track laying for our outdated E.P which will be available when you pre-order our album which we are recording in February.

Our dates for our december christmas tour "Under The Mistle-Tour" will be announced at 7 tonight, i know what a lame name for a tour aha! i will post dates when it happens. And if we stop by your town.. Come say hi xD

In other drumming/band news I may also
be working with AD Custom drums
in the future where they will build me a kit
in white and red...
with Birch shells. The sizes
will be:


ALSOOO my Hurley tee came the other day xD all the way from southern california!!!

And i said that i would post a picture of my 360 flip on my skateboard gone completely wrong!

This is why i should maybe wear a full faced helmet on my skateboard? because yes it may not look cool buttt my face would be less colour-ful the next day!

Sorry to everyone who didnt want to see my face and hear about my crappy band :D that is all

i hope you lovely people saw some rad fireworks last week :)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

For Tom Delonge fans :)

LOVE Part 2 came out yesterday.
I've only briefly listened to it. Its alright. what do you AVA/Blink fans think of it?

 I also really really want this song by box car! I WISHHH they stayed together for another album!
This sounds like Ghosts on the Dancefloor by blink! maybe it was influenced on that? hmmm who knows?

I hope everyone had a happy halloween :) i was stuck at work! sympathy would be great :D