Sunday, 4 December 2011

Hi mum

Hey guysss
I am still alive! Unfortunatly for you! :) I've been super busy with stuff recently. I'm now working with ad drums! And they have built my dream kit! So happy with it! I will post pics when I'm not on my iPod :)
also we had our photoshoot with a photographer who done shots for four year strong, yellowcard, new found glory, sum 41 and a day to remember! And now tbl :D we travelled to London so I've spent the day there. We are also getting our outdated ep mastered and sent back to us. So excited to hear that.
so I will also post them when I get them as well as the pictures :)

I am in need of an artist who can draw awesome cartoons.. So if you know anyone or are an artist yourself let me know :D

so that's just a little update for now.. It's 01:07 so I'm going to go sleep! Tomorrow my band are putting our instruments down and taking over a night club in Southampton as djs! That's going to go wrong aha
wish us luck :))))