Monday, 25 November 2013

Things go wrong so you appreciate them when they go right

I slept too early! I had the worst back pain after playing drums today! Have no idea why, must have been slouching or pulled it, Anyways.. I'm now really awake annoyingly.. I let my girlfriend down because I said I may come and see her but it was too painful to move and I passed out while texting her :/ and she'll wake up tomorrow and be mad at me :( sorry Ess!
I looked back on my past tonight. Looking at how little I meant to certain people. How times and feelings change. And how young and naive I was. But it showed me how incredible my life with my girlfriend is now! I literally wouldn't change a thing! We all have phases in our life's which looking back now we wish we could, not so much skip over, as everything that happens makes us who we are today but just forget happened because it means nothing in our lives now! I wish I could go back and be like "dude in a few years time you're going to be so fucking happy with a beautiful girl named Essie May Quinnell" but I guess life is just one big adventure
We all have a past, and things look so different now we look back with the lights on.
Anyway.. enough. It's 3 am and I should be asleep! But I just want to talk to her! She'll be asleep and angry!!! Wahhhh I love her x

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Last night

Got called a physco last night! Wasn't too much fun! My attitude is gunna start changing.. Fuck it, if you don't like what I do, or who I am then don't pretend! I'm gunna be me! Going to try and be more blunt about it! I can be anyone else, if you don't like it then that's not my problem :)
In other stories, I watched the film with ess, and it wasn't so bad :) very long and I was real tired. But it was a nice evening with her :) happy Matty

Friday, 22 November 2013

computer post

hey... so, my name is Matthew. I haven't blogged on a computer for AGGGESSS! so im just in my room, listening to music. I came on here to look at old posts. I feel this blog got very soppy and stuff ever since i've had a girlfriend! i've never been in love OKKAYY! wouldnt change anything! this is the place i come and speak aload of bullshit mainly to myself.. but it makes me feel better sometimes. i can look back and remember exactly how i felt on that day or whatever. Tonight im going to the cinema. im gunna be watching a film which i would never have chosen to see but Ess wants to see it, and i want to make her happy.. she does do so much for me! and i know her film choice is always so terrible, but i will give this one a chance! :D
i just checked my phone and i have the prettiest picture of her as my background!!! aww :) sooooooo...fvkjbnerkojv;neao;. i should probs go shower of something. i like typing though.
My band is writing another record! its going to be rad! we've demo'd a few songs already and i'm excited! i hope everyone who hears it, loves it!.... thats all i have to say right now... bye